Global Network

Aceluxe, Headquarters

Bucheon, Republic of Korea

As headquarters of brand ACELUXE, we are developing our competitiveness in the global market based on accumulated experience and specialized technology ranging from design, development, production and commercialization as a professional hinge manufacturer.

GUMI(location) Division

Gumi, Republic of Korea

As a first partner of LG Electronics and domestic/overseas leading medical instrument manufacturing companies, ACELUXE is getting competitive with specialized technologies.

Spring Manufacturing Factory

Bucheon, Republic of Korea

Established in 1998, we are a specialized manufacturer of spring, supplying the best quality and reasonable prices in Korea, based on the latest automated spring machinery and the best professional manpower.

Poland Subsidiary

Wroclaw, Poland

AceRico is a Poland subsidiary of ACELUXE established in 2007.
We manufacture plastics and handle other products assembly and processing.
AceRico continues to grow with our clients.

Hungary Subsidiary

Budapest, Hungary

Founded in 2007, Atech is collaborating with SAMSUNG Electronics.
Supplying monitor hinges and subsidiary parts to Hungary, Romania and Russia, we also operate VMI business and continue to expand our local network.

China Subsidiary

Shenzhen, China

Established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, MoAce is in charge of manufacturing and distributing hinges, springs, press prat, ass'y and camera parts.